Thrive in Retirement

291829: Thrive in Retirement: Simple Secrets for Being Happy for the Rest of Your Life Thrive in Retirement: Simple Secrets for Being Happy for the Rest of Your Life

By Eric Thurman / WaterBrook

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Mind your Three P’s in retirement, and you’ll thrive. That’s the message from Eric Thurman, author of the new release Thrive in Retirement. The three P’s are Purpose, Pleasure, and Peace. Thurman gives us a book that is excellent in both content and style. This is not a stuffy book, weighted down with statistics, charts, and graphs. From first to last, it’s studded with high interest anecdotes and quotes. The research referenced in Thurman’s book is current and well matched to his claims.

Thrive in Retirement is agreeable to read even though the subject matter might be hard for some people to think about. We would all love to hold back time if we could, but no such luck. As Thurman points out, this third season of life is new territory. A stage that can last decades. There’s no reason the years after full-time employment need to be viewed as a time of “slow decline”. Thurman maps out a route to success that will help people maintain a positive outlook, discover a good sense of purpose, and find peace.

His writing on maintaining good mental health is stand out content. Thurman points out that despite changing work conditions, individuals should stay connected in communities to enjoy good mental health.

When people think of retirement, financial considerations first come to mind. Thurman addresses this aspect of retirement and then goes so much further. Money is just one part of retirement. He encourages people to consider their status in five vital categories. These categories are mind, body, relationships, soul, and finances. Proactive effort in these five areas will yield positive outcomes and increase well being.

Thurman’s book is a self-help book with many take-away messages. Ironically one of the most memorable has to do with avoiding selfish thoughts and putting others first. He writes, “When we think of others,and give of our time and talents, we receive more than we give.” Altruism spares a mature adult from a host of evils like as isolation and feelings of being irrelevant.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review.