Between Two Shores

219085: Between Two Shores Between Two Shores

By Jocelyn Green / Bethany House

When you finish a Jocelyn Green book there’s a feeling of sweet satisfaction because reading one of her books is always time well spent. Her research is wonderful. Catherine Duval is the protagonist. She is the daughter of a Mohawk mother and French father. Her skills as a trader allow her to succeed as an entrepreneur. The label “HERstorical Fiction” would match with Between Two Shores. The female characters, Catherine, Bright Star, and Thankful show us a path to joy despite heartache and disappointment. Their emotional strength is remarkable. Between Two Shores immerses us in daily life on the St. Lawrence River during the French and Indian War of 1754 – 1763.

You’ll warm to the characters and walk with them through their trials. Each one has a gripping story to tell. The characters are courageous and deeply touched by the ravages of war.  This time period was a pivotal moment in the history of the North American continent. The emphasis on the multiculturalism of this area is fascinating. Green accurately portrays each community’s point of view and doesn’t shy away from covering the harsh realities of the times.

Initially I was a little slow to catch on to the back and forth motion of the beginning storyline since only 15 years separated the two points in time. Once I had this straightened out, it was full steam ahead. At the story’s close, I was researching trips to Old Quebec City and the Huron-Wendat Museums in this area.

Green’s word choice is so impressive. The sentences are inventive in construction. Her vivid descriptions convey the setting with originality. At a book’s close, I always look over my Kindle highlights. These highlighted sentences were beautiful to read even when extracted from their context.

I loved The Mark of the King, an earlier book by Jocelyn Green. I consider this newest release it’s equal.

I received an ARC’s digital edition of this book from Bethany House Publishers. This is my honest review in exchange for the digital copy.