Get Outside

This lovely journal is a keeper. The quotes are inspiring. I love the ample space for journaling. The durable cover will hold up well to outside expeditions. It will fit perfectly in a backpack.

It’s a good reminder that as we enjoy the creation, we must celebrate the Creator.

I’ve come full circle on writing a journal. I kept one religiously back in my college days. I included great quotes, favorite song lyrics, poetry and reflective musings. Then I got busy with life and practical and let those things fall away.

I’ve taken Get Outside with me on morning walks. I record thoughts and observations after enjoying time in nature. This year spring burst onto the scene earlier than usual. Every morning the chorus of bird calls has been riotous. The male kestrels seem to be back on their high perches at least a full two weeks ahead of when I usually look for them. This is one reason why a nature journal is smart. Birding records comparing year to year sightings tell a great story. But as I spend more time with my Get Outside Journal, I find my thoughts run to bigger philosophical questions. Here is one. I started tomato and flower seeds inside. Naturally the tiny plants get leggy reaching for the light. I turn the trays and they bend and reach the other way. I got to thinking, “What is it I reach for in such a determined fashion?” Hope – that’s it! I hope for a world where peace and kindness are guiding forces in our lives. I hope for all of us to show empathy. I reach for the hope that my actions in my local environment and community are part of the solution not the problem.

I intended to give this book as a gift to a family member. I’m so immersed in it now I will need to purchase a copy to give away. The photography tips in the back matter are great! The hiking Do’s and Don’ts are smart. In fact all the back matter is excellent.

I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for my honest review. @InkandWillowgifts