The Book Club Experience

Book Clubs Build Relationships

I find sharing comments related to plot twists and reactions to characters is the glue that keeps a book club together. In my book club, we don’t have a formal schedule for meeting, but we all seem to swap book news and questions when our paths cross. We agree to read a book-a-month, then after three or four we schedule a get together. Last fall, we all enjoyed a brunch of quiche and fruit and celebrated finishing our books with a game in the style of Jeopardy. Winning teams walked away with free books! Participants were encouraged to  discover the answers by working in teams. We enjoyed some good fun.  We have mapped out another three books to read in the upcoming months. I’ve read about “Bookopoly” events happening in libraries. I’m giving some thought to how this type of event might be adapted to help us wrap up our next reading adventure. There is one guideline that is favored by our book club. When a book is part of a series, we read the first book before considering later ones. It’s always fun to discover how many people go on to read the rest of the series. When three or more comment that they purchased and read the sequels then we know we have latched onto a good book.

Amish in Summer Grove Series was popular in our book club. We started with Book #1 (pub. 2015) and several continued on with the rest of the series.