A Silken Thread

290122: A Silken Thread A Silken Thread

By Kim Vogel Sawyer / WaterBrook

Choose this book next! Even if your to-be-read pile is a towering stack. You’ll be glad you spent time with Laurel, Willie, Quincy, the Rochester Family, and more. It’s a satisfying read with a detail rich plot.

Travel with Kim Vogel Sawyer to the fairgrounds of the 1895 Atlanta Exposition. Her account of this three month event is her starting point for telling a great story. Thirty years have passed since the end of the Civil War but racism and war memories pulse through the thoughts and actions of many characters. This story exposes how divisions based on skin color and economic standing perpetuate and inflict deep emotional injury. Hurtful remarks, jumping to the wrong conclusions, and more instances of social injustice are part of the narrative. The end proves what matters most. Good character, loyal friends, family, and faith.

The author demonstrates an expert ability to share a Christian message within a historical fiction novel. I never found it preachy or heavy handed. Just true words of wisdom shared from the heart. She even uses the title to remind us that God is always at work trying to draw us closer to Him. Sometimes it’s a fragile silken thread that he holds us by, but He is always there. More than one character speaks about the importance of seeking God’s direction when traveling on the path of life.

Even though this was a time when women were also denied many opportunities, most of the leading female characters possessed can-do attitudes who got back on their feet despite life altering setbacks. Miss Warner, Mama Millard, and Laurel are resilient and forward thinking characters.

Langdon Rochester takes the meaning of obnoxious to new heights. Throughout the book, you suspect he’ll come to a reckoning moment. This is just one of the storylines that keeps you reading to see how it’s going to turn out in the end. While you might anticipate some closing scenes, a good number will resolve in a surprising fashion. There is one major unanswered question that lingers at the end. Perhaps we can meet these vibrant characters in a sequel and discover the solution to this puzzle and more.

I recommend this book with enthusiasm. I reviewed an advanced readers’ copy from WaterBrook & Multnomah in exchange for my honest review. #ASilkenThread