Until Leaves Fall in Paris

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Until Leaves Fall in Paris
By Sarah Sundin / Revell

Historical Fiction fans will love this book. Until Leaves fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin draws readers into a unique WWII setting. Her main characters are American expatriates who were long standing residents of the American Colony in Paris. One protagonist, Lucie Girard, is a former ballerina who studied and danced with a ballet company in Paris. In 1940, as the Nazi military conquests increase, many expats flee and return to the U.S. Lucie chooses to remain in Paris. As a Christian American, she feels more secure. She buys a bookstore since it appears her career with the ballet company will end. The purchase solves her need to make a living. Her payment to the former owners pays their passage back to America. Lucie is thrilled to complete this sale since it opens a door to safety for the former owners who are long time family friends. The former owners are Jewish. A decision to remain in Paris would likely be a death sentence for this older Jewish couple.

Paul Aubrey is an engineer and automaker. He is an American expatriate as well. Once the Germans arrive in Paris, they negotiate a contract with Paul to oversee the production of trucks. According to the terms of the contract the trucks are to be used only in civilian transport activities. Paul suspects the Germans may be making alterations to his trucks. He worries that they are repurposing them for the war effort. This leads Paul and some of his employees to adopt a variety of techniques to slow down the production line and even commit sabotage.

Each main character shows in many instances that they are good people. They are considerate of others. They tap into their sense of creativity to see their businesses succeed. They treat their employees fairly. Paul and Lucie meet through the bookstore. They develop a strong romantic bond that grows throughout the story.

The author includes many subplots. These storylines help us understand the complexity of everyday life in Paris during the war years. We meet resistors, some militant and others more subtle. We learn about the collaborators. The description of banned books and burning books provokes the ire of book lovers and champions of free speech.

This book does not get bogged down in the gruesome details of war. Readers are spared descriptions of this nature. The action at the last part of the book is filled with suspense as our main characters escape. Each has to dodge grave obstacles that threaten to block their safe passage. After seeing the characters through this action packed time period, I was glad the final destination was a happy ending in America.

I recommend this book to my reading buddies. I reviewed a paperback copy supplied to me by the publisher Revell.

The Prince and the Prodigal

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737632: The Prince and the Prodigal The Prince and the Prodigal
By Jill Eileen Smith / Revell

You’ll warm up to this book fast and stay engaged right to the end. A familiar Bible story told with fresh dialogue and new points of view. The title says it all. We journey with Joseph, the prince, from his dysfunctional early family life, through his years of trial, right up to when he was plucked from prison and catapulted into a leadership position in Egypt. His life’s journey serves as a wonderful example of how God has a plan and purpose for each life.

Judah’s story, the prodigal, is equally compelling. The brother who first hatched the idea to sell Joseph to slave traders, didn’t anticipate the consequences. The weight of the guilt he carried changed his life’s trajectory. Great tragedy marks his early adult years. Two of his sons collapse and die. His wife dies as well. Despite accumulating livestock and wealth, his emotional state is at rock bottom. It’s at this point, Judah realizes he must make the journey back home to Jacob. He is nervous and wracked with anxiety wondering if Jacob will welcome him back. The prodigal son is met with open arms. A beautiful quote is shared during their first encounter. Acknowledging the hard times he has endured, Judah says to Jacob, “ Sometimes hardship is what leads us to seek the things we’ve always known were true…. My God has taught me much… and He has led me home.”

I read a paperback copy of this book supplied by Revell in exchange for my honest review. This is the first book I have read by Jill Eileen Smith. Based on this novel, I anticipate I would find her other novels equally satisfying to read.

Deadly Target Book 2 Rocky Mt. Courage

This is the third book I’ve read by Elizabeth Goddard. This one delivered dramatic action in an interesting outdoor setting just like the previous novels. The characters were resilient and smart. They had multiple mysteries to solve. As you’re drawn deeper into the plot, these terrifying and near fatal events happen with greater frequency. You wonder how much more these characters can take. Elizabeth Goddard weaves a cross continent trail from sea-to-sea with a layover in Montana for some of the most dramatic action. It’s a breakneck race to the end to see the mystery solved.

The book is second in the Rocky Mountain Courage series and it flows seamlessly from book one. The story is based on the experiences of Erin Larson and Nathan Campbell, who were secondary characters in Book 1 of this series. Erin’s job as a criminal psychologist adds an interesting twist to the plot. Her sideline vocation is broadcasting a podcast on cold cases. She publishes each episode anonymously to protect herself and the identities of those involved.

I found the book well written. The roster of characters is interesting and I appreciated how you never knew for certain exactly who was 100% genuine or a fake with a hidden agenda. I received a print book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. #DeadlyTarget #RockyMountainCourage!

737990: Deadly Target #2 Deadly Target #2
By Elizabeth Goddard / Revell

Sparkle of Silver

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729623: A Sparkle of Silver #1 A Sparkle of Silver #1

By Liz Johnson

A Sparkle of Silver delivers as expected. Author Liz Johnson gives us Book #1 in the Georgia Coast Romance series. You’ll be drawn into a dual timeline romance complete with mystery, laugh out loud fun, and characters that prove to be overcomers through clever reasoning and persistence. Added to all this is a fantastic setting for both plotlines. The Chateau Dawkins, a Gilded Age Mansion, boasts lavish interiors, rooms galore, manicured gardens, and secret passageways. You will follow the rich and famous through social engagements and clandestine rendezvous. At first, the present day characters seem very dissimilar. Ben Thornton is an adjunct history professor, on his own, with no memories of a stable family network. Then there’s Milly Sullivan, who is devoted to the grandparents who raised her on their Georgia farm. Her current goal in life is to provide for her aging Grandma Joy, who suffers from dementia. The Chateau and a treasure hunt bring them together. Ben and Milly push on, knowing the treasure’s discovery would reverse their dismal financial situations and solve a family mystery.  At one key point in the story, Ben’s internal dialogue reveals one truth Christians ought to ask themselves. He asks, “Why hadn’t he spent every day since he’d met Milly asking God for direction and clarity and wisdom?”  He regrets that he went headlong down the road on a unconventional endeavor without consulting God first. Instead, he did it his own way and hoped God would look favorably on his actions after the fact.

Liz Johnson’s prose is crisp and the dialogue has great momentum. Along the way you’ll meet a cast of endearing supporting characters, some helpful and others villainous.
I was supplied with a complimentary copy of this book from Baker House Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review. Readers of Liz Johnson are likely to also enjoy books by Melissa Tagg and Denise Hunter.

As the Tide Comes In

as-the-tide-comes-in-cindy-woodsmall-and-erin-woodsmallThis book was delightful. The author duo used the phrase “mischief magnets” to describe a group of women friends and immediately you’re endeared to these spirited ladies. This quartet of ladies are the supporting cast to a pair of male and female main characters who are multifaceted and mature. I liked the multi generational aspect of the plot, the emphasis on how important family ties are, and the words of wisdom about showing love and kindness.

The main character, Tara, makes some outlandish decisions in the beginning. You want to call out to her, “What are you thinking?” Of course the irrational behavior is explained when you consider her physical and emotional challenges. There are tragic events that set this state of mind in motion.

This is a contemporary fiction book complete with a family mystery and romance. The mystery is resolved in a surprise ending that is foreshadowed by just a few breadcrumbs of clues. Family roots are untangled and revealed for a positive and satisfying ending. The author duo, Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall, show great skill in presenting the characters’ full slate of emotions through triumph and tragedy.

If you are a fan of Cindy Woodsmall’s Amish Fiction, you will be pleased to venture into this book with a new setting. Most of the story takes place on Saint Simons Island, off the coast of Georgia. Woodsmall has some fun with Southern dialogue and customs. You’ll be moved emotionally. I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

Th407900e characters struggle with contemporary issues so it’s relevant to readers. The journey protagonist Grace takes from “people pleaser” to proactive problem solver is inspiring. Her choices as the story unfolds reflect greater maturity and wisdom. Roman Velasco walks a labyrinth of unrest. He eventually lands at a satisfying destination where Biblical truths of God’s forgiveness and restoration are in clear view. Roman’s transformation is due in part to the wise and loving secondary characters that surround him throughout the story. This roster of supporting characters is one of my favorite parts of The Masterpiece.

Aunt Elizabeth, Shanice, Chet, Susan, and Brain were exceptionally vibrant characters with so much to offer the story. They didn’t respond to dilemmas with rote “I’ll pray for you!” responses. Instead they offered their time and activated their network of resources to take a hands-on approach to all snags and obstacles.

Francine Rivers weaves some unanticipated surprises into the plot. The pace of the narrative is full of momentum and readers will be anxious to see how all twists and turns resolve. The multifaceted story connects with readers on many levels. The story looks at adoption, foster care, single moms, and other mature themes. The Christian message is communicated in a heartfelt way with an emphasis on establishing a relationship with God and not simply following the practices of a religion.

Valued Author Notes

When I was progressing through my flight of arrowsLibrary Science courses on collection development, I remember the emphasis that was put on books with author notes. We were encouraged to look favorably on historical fiction books, biographies, and folktales, that included this back matter. When author notes are shared, the writer’s point of view is clarified. In addition, his or her credibility ranking trends upward.

Personally, I agree wholeheartedly with the inclusion of author notes. In fact, before the story ends, I always turn to this story for a first glance at these details. At the book’s conclusion, I re-read these notes with great interest. Sometimes my only regret is that there aren’t more primary sources referenced here. I would be happy to see a photo, diary entry, or even a map.

A few summers back, I enrolled in a course taught by personnel employed by the National Archives. The course title was “Teaching with Primary Sources”. Of all the courses, I have taken over the years, I can say this was one of my favorites. I am also very aware of how computers have made so many more primary sources available to us and all of it just a few clicks away.

In Flight of Arrows, Lori Benton’s author notes, delivered exactly what I was looking for at the story’s end. Her notes expanded my knowledge of the story’s setting and characters. I was ready to delve into more books about this time in our nation’s history.

I’m sure it’s not an easy decision to include back matter. Additional pages are costly and do readers really care? If it was up to me, I would never skimp on author notes. They are as important as great covers and quality bindings.

Pioneer Perseverance

When 28637691an author makes the geographic setting of the story come alive, I’m hooked. Jane Kirkpatrick has a unique writing talent in this area. Her book titled This Road We Traveled transports us  back in time to the days of our country’s westward expansion.  This is a well researched story of pioneer life on the Oregon Trail . While it’s a work of fiction, the author has based the story on the true life of Tabitha Brown. At 66 years of age, she left Missouri for the Trail, and a future home in Oregon. Eventually in Oregon, she established an orphanage and a school.  Tabitha Brown is remembered in the history scrolls as “The Mother of Oregon”.   A spotlight on the plight of pioneer families highlighted social problems that are often overlooked when pioneer tales are told. This book opened my eyes to the troubles that arose when children were orphaned due to deaths on the trail, or their parents were off on missionary work, or rushing after gold. It’s a great multi-generational story with strong female characters. A very professional and excellent example of historical fiction at its best.  Here is a link to learn more about Jane Kirkpatrick’s book. 


Jane Kirkpatrick Website

New Historical Fiction

This is our current Book Club selection. A majority of our members agreed that we favor  historical fiction. This release from September 2017 caught my eye due to its unique setting. As I delve into the book , I find that I appreciate the research the author Ann Gabhart has put into crafting this book. The pace of each character’s appearance into the story seems so natural and easy going.  The multi-layered story line is engaging.