A Novel of Prophets and Kings: Isaiah’s Legacy

291882: Isaiah"s Legacy: A Novel of Prophets and Kings Isaiah’s Legacy: A Novel of Prophets and Kings By Mesu Andrews / WaterBrook Buy with this link at Christianbook.com 
Buy at Amazon.com; Isaiah’s Legacy: A Novel of Prophets and Kings Isaiah’s Legacy by Mesu Andrews is thought provoking. I’ve read her previous three releases and found them compelling reads. Her research is complete and from this foundation she develops characters with unique points of view. Another strength of Isaiah’s Legacy is the uniquely crafted dialogue. The characters speak words that are inventive, fresh, and wise. The title is fitting as the prophet Isaiah remained a voice sharing Biblical truths despite persecution, complacency, and tolerance run amok. The Old Testament is filled with harsh and brutal practices of the Ancient World. These practices include holding women down and viewing their importance only as members of a harem to build a legacy and political coalitions, human sacrifice, and the ever present brutal conquests by invading armies. Andrews does not sugarcoat the past so each element finds a place in her story. Some of the plot details had to be difficult to write. The weight of these evils only proves the depth and sincerity of the Lord’s forgiveness. Manasseh found forgiveness after following a serpentine and dark path away from the Lord. Mesu Andrews calls Manasseh’s story the greatest prodigal journey in scripture. In Isaiah’s Legacy, she shines a convincing light on an important truth. Forgiveness offered in centuries past is available in the same measure today; even when it’s late in life and after a long string of poor choices. I plan to share this book with friends who name Biblical fiction as their favorite genre. I’ll be interested to hear their feedback. I’m quite sure from this point forward, I’ll be reading the Bible’s record of Kings and Prophets with a greater appreciation. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. #isaiahslegacy, #chainbreakers, @mesuandrews